Vijay Chitrakar is one of the few remaining traditional artists of Paitkar painting who is fighting hard to keep the art form going. When we met him two years ago, he had just one source of income- selling his paintings to irregular visitors. But, now his life has improved.

Why We Started

Culture is an integral part of our identity, what we are today is defined by what we were yesterday, it needs to be preserved and cherished at all costs. Sadly, Tribal Paintings of Jharkhand dating back to 5000BC are on a verge of extinction. They need our immediate attention.

How We’ll Do It

Today, there is an increasing desire among people to return to their origins. Arts & crafts, cultural tourism can play a pivotal role in employment generation for masses owing to India’s diversity. Artist villages of Jharkhand have the potential to become flag bearers in this revolution.  

What We Are Doing

We are working on preservation & promotion of tribal paintings and empowerment of tribal artisans of Jharkhand. We have been doing so through exhibitions, training programmes, promoting cultural heritage tourism and marketing their products online and offline.