An ancient storytelling tradition from East Singhbhum on scrolls of paper or cloth reflecting the day to day life of tribal people, stories of legends & mythologies and done using colours extracted using natural pigments.

The name Paitkar is derived from “Pait” an aberration of Pata means scroll and Kar who does this art. The community which practices this painting has been christened as Paitkar and so is the name of the painting  (Paitkar).  These  communities  also   carry the title of ‘Chitrakar’ means image maker or artist. They live in Amadubi village of E.Singhbhum (Jamshedpur) district of Jharkhand.

The themes of the Paitkar paintings are forests, nature, festival and rituals of the society. These artists also use only natural colors prepared from plants and minerals.

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