Dear Corporates,
Since you people have indulged in Corporate Social Responsibility, the results are absolutely beautiful. Our villages need your constant support to rise above their problems and we know you’ll be always there to help.

As per us, we can work together in following possible ways (suggestions and guidance most welcome):

  • Your employees need a break from their regular routine job, bring them to us for a cultural heritage tour. It will refresh their mood and they’ll be back to work with full power.
  • We can also organize workshops at your place; let your guys have some fun. Their increased productivity will ultimately benefit you only. 😉
  • Let us organize stalls and exhibitions on some special occasions, interested ones can buy and support the cause.
  • Why don’t you all buy products for corporate gifts from us? Give something unique to your guests and employees next Diwali.
  • If we’re eligible for CSR funds, according to your CSR policy, you can help us continue the good work by donating whatever you feel like.
  • Let us jointly organize training sessions for rural artisans and bring positive change in their lives.
  • All of the above would also make an extremely positive impact to your image as a socially responsible company.
  • HR  people, time to act! 😀