Dear Educational Institutions,
You are the temples of knowledge, you have the power which no one has. If you want, you can create an army of socially responsible citizens becoming the torchbearers of a new kind of civilization which will be based on love & cooperation and not on greed & exploitation.

As per us, we can work together in following possible ways (suggestions and guidance most welcome):

  • We can organize tribal painting workshops to familiarize students with these art forms, the history behind them and their message.
  • Even we can run regular tribal painting classes as hobby classes for the children. They would get to learn something new, meaningful, and interesting and a needy artist would get a job.
  • You can recommend to include a study of these art forms in the curriculum.
  • We can plan an educational tour to the painters’ villages. This would greatly help the students develop new understanding about their culture and heritage.
  • You can get your school walls beautified with these paintings. What we see on a daily basis impacts our behavior and these paintings communicate really beautiful messages.