Dear Government,
We know you people are already working very hard to bring positive change in the lives of these rural people. We are with you wholeheartedly in this mission and together we can achieve results at a rapid rate.

As per us, we can work together in following possible ways (suggestions and guidance most welcome):

  • Let us make paintings and other products for you all to give as a token of appreciation/honour to your guests.
  • Let us jointly organize training sessions to make these artisans skilled and market ready.
  • Let us promote these paintings by sending artisans to national and international exhibitions/fairs.
  • Let us organize festivals in artist villages to attract national and international tourists.
  • Let us give these artisans their due recognition in the form of awards and honours.
  • Let us include these paintings in school curriculum to aware children about our cultural heritage, let them learn how to these, this will bring them closer to nature and simultaneously preserve the art forms.
  • Let us beautify our cities with these art forms without distorting their originality.
  • We would also request you to kindly come together for curation of rock arts of Jharkhand which are waiting for decades after discovery