Mission & Vision


To preserve and promote traditional paintings (Sohrai, Khovar, Paitkar & jadupatua) and empower traditional artisans of Jharkhand.


We believe that there is an inseparable bond between man and nature. Mother Nature has blessed humankind with her bounty and there is a place in creation for all creatures. Nature’s equilibrium should in no way get disturbed by our selfish desires and thoughtless actions. We believe in creating a community of socially and environmentally responsible people. 

Tribal lifestyle is a reflection of the same and their paintings beautifully convey this message. Various themes such as wildlife, tribal lifestyle, festivals and rituals remind us of how we are a part of nature and should work towards maintaining the balance. The need of time is to urgently preserve & promote these art forms as they have the power to inspire people towards nature conservation and not to forget the employment opportunities it will generate for the masses.