Tired of your daily routine life? Come and explore ‘Painted Villages of Hazaribagh’ and ‘Amadubi Painters’ Village’ with us.

Painted Villages of Hazaribagh

Sohrai and Khovar painted villages of Hazaribagh are an ideal retreat from your daily life chaos. The centuries-old motifs painted in black, white, brown, yellow and red leaves you amazed. They have their roots in ISCO ROCK ARTS of the region which stands with all glory and pride even after thousands of years.



Amadubi Painters’ Village

Amadubi village of Dhalbhumgarh block in East Singhbhum district is called Painters’ village because of the population that resides there. All of them belong to the artist community called ‘Chitrakars’. They have been painting and singing stories of tribal lifestyles, nature and mythologies since ages and were established there by the earlier king of Dhalbhumgarh. Listening to their stories and seeing the process of making colours would be a feast for anyone.